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The team is well aware that it is a privilege to work in such an exceptional terroir.
Hence, everybody endeavours to respect this gift and to translate it
into every operation. This is why converting to organic farming
imposed itself as a natural choice.

Soil Work
Although the Chablis soils have been here since the Jurassic era, they remain extremely fragile. Excessive fertilizing, compacted soils caused by tractors or the systematic use of herbicides could lead to the death of the soil micro-organisms.

They play a major part in the vine life and are instrumental in bringing nutriments and minerals to the plant. Instead of using chemicals, the Château de Béru team chose to restore the natural balance of the soils, especially by reintroducing the horse in the vines and by ploughing, including under vine ranks. As a consequence, the vines have to plunge their roots deeper in the soils, where they remain protected from drought.

The vineyards

Organic farming and Biodynamy

Like all northern vineyards, Chablis is exposed to mildew and odium. Rather than resort to systemic pesticides that dissolve into the vine sap that feed the grapes, the Château de Béru team has chosen to adopt organic farming since 2005 and started a conversion to biodynamy in 2011.

It requires a careful observation of symptoms in the parcels, the parsimonious use of natural elements, such as sulphur, natural plants to protect the vineyard and increase its natural defences.

First initiated in the Clos Béru, the biodynamic farming techniques are progressively extended to the entire domain vineyards.

A well-balanced vineyard
The vines live off the natural elements already present in the soils. They grow naturally more resistant against diseases. They find their right place in the eco-system and the environment. The ancient soils, the perfect altitude and the complex climate system combine to create a unique terroir, which the domain wines express dramatically.

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