Clos Béru, Monopole
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Clos Béru, Monopole

A wall has singled out the Clos Béru for its very unique qualities, since the 13th Century. Year after year, the Clos keeps providing typical brilliant, powerful, round and mineral wines.

As it is the case in all the great Burgundy terroirs, it only takes a few steps in the parcel to notice significant changes in the nature of the soil, the inclination of the slope or the vigour of the vines. There is more clay here, more lime there, but the soil is mainly calcareous. Further up, a marly streak may emerge.

The vines are 30 years old. They were grafted on 41B high quality yet delicate rootstock.
The density of plantation reaches 6500 plants per hectare.
The rigorous pruning and the regular work brought all year long to the vines maintain a low yield. Year in and year out, the yield averages 35 to 45 hectolitres per hectare. The harvest is picked by hand and carefully sorted since 2006.

Athénaïs de Béru
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