Clos Béru, Monopole
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Clos Béru, Monopole

A wall has singled out the Clos Béru for its very unique qualities, since the 13th Century. Year after year, the Clos keeps providing typical brilliant, powerful, round and mineral wines.

As it is the case in all the great Burgundy terroirs, it only takes a few steps in the parcel to notice significant changes in the nature of the soil, the inclination of the slope or the vigour of the vines. There is more clay here, more lime there, but the soil is mainly calcareous. Further up, a marly streak may emerge.

The vines are 30 years old. They were grafted on 41B high quality yet delicate rootstock.
The density of plantation reaches 6500 plants per hectare.
The rigorous pruning and the regular work brought all year long to the vines maintain a low yield. Year in and year out, the yield averages 35 to 45 hectolitres per hectare. The harvest is picked by hand and carefully sorted since 2006.

Athénaïs de Béru
Château de Béru

Clos Béru Monopole 2010

Grape variety

100% Chardonnay

The Clos Béru is a unique parcel enclosed with a wall dating from the 13th Century built in order to isolate the very unique geology of this terroir. It is located in the heart of the village of Béru. The dominantly limy and rocky soils were formed during the Kimmeridgian period. The Clos Béru lies on a beautiful hill facing south, southwest.

The vines are in average 30 years old. The pruning system is Guyot double shoot. The plantation density reaches 6500 plants per hectare. After a conversion to organic viticulture, the domain has now chosen an orientation towards biodynamy.
The soils of the Béru hill are among stoniest terroirs of Chablis and are located above 300m of altitude. The Clos Béru is fully plowed with horse.

Date of harvest
Mid September

Vinification and Aging
The grapes were harvested by hand, in small 10 kilos crates, when fully matured. The harvest was pressed directly with a pneumatic press at low pressure. The musts are fermented in old oak barrels without fining and filtration and aged during 18 months. The short distance between the vines and the cellars, and thanks to the attention brought at each step of the winemaking process, very little sulphur was needed. The wines are bottled without any fining or filtration.

2010 vintage
The vintage 2010 was a very good year in Burgundy and Chablis in particular producing some very nice concentrated, balanced and golden grapes. It's also a small vintage in terms of volume, due to important rain falls during the flower season.
The Clos Béru Monopole 2010 is characterized by a very nice complexity, lots of structure and a high minerality. It expresses the typical flintiness and traces of iodinated lime. This wine has an only personality and easily recognized.


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