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Château de BERU Chablis
Terroirs de Béru
  Château de BERU Côte aux Prêtres
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Côte aux Prêtres - Orangerie - Montserre

Tll our vineplots are located on the hill of Béru. They form a patchwork of high-altitude lime terroirs.

Our single vineyard cuvées generated in these particular terroirs.

Le Montserre
This is the highest point in the hill of Béru. The name Montserre literally means the mount of the Serres, the « Serres » being a typical geological conformation made from piled up fossilized sharp lime layers. Wines from this terroir express a strong personality, marked by its texture and concentration, mineral, salty, smoky notes and hints of iodine.

La Côte aux Prêtres
Literally, the « Hill of the Priests », this name refers to the nearby paths followed by pilgrims on their way from Vézelay to Santiago de Compostela. This spectacular vineyard, perched on the top of the hill of Béru, forms a dome beautifully exposed to sunlight and to the wine. The soil is characterized by the presence of small eroded Kimmeridgian rocks. The Côte aux Prêtres Chablis is a very nervous, sapid wine, with salty iodine mineral notes.

This cuvée is named after an old Renaissance building, in which trees and plants were put away in winter. This small patch of vine, planted near the Clos Béru, is surrounded by ancient fig , apple and pear trees. It is an orchard, set in the heart of Chablis.
The top soil of l’Orangerie is atypicaly rich in clay. It brings appealing fruity notes of orange marmelade to the wine. Yet, because the vine roots plunge deeper into the lime subsoil, the wine keeps its typical complex Chablis nervous and mineral characteristics.

Athénaïs de Béru
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