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Athénaïs is the negoce brand created by Athénaïs de Béru in order to expand the range of wines of her domain, the Château de Béru.

A Dream came true
This negoce brand was part of Athénaïs de Béru's projects since many years. After having faced the challenging rebirth of the family domain, the Château de Béru, in 2003 where she vinified her first vintage in 2005, the winemaker didn't stop there. The brand "Athénaïs" was born based on a close selection of parcels and growers cultivating grapes in the respect of Burgundy's terroirs.

The Philosophy
We harvest grapes by hand which have been cultivated in harmony with the nature, most of the time in organic viticulture or in conversion. Then grapes are taken to the domain, in Béru and are vinified very carefully without any added yeasts, fining nor filtration and with low sulfites. Some wines are even bottled by hand.

Athenaïs, Negociant in Béru, Burgundy
Negociant in Béru, Burgundy

Athenaïs, Negociant in Béru, Burgundy

The Wines
The new brand "Athénaïs" has been launched to create a range of wines produced in beautiful appellations in the north of Burgundy, Yonne, and gave birth in 2010, to a selection of wines, among which :

- Chablis (Petit Chablis, Chablis 1er Cru … )
- Sauvignon Saint-Bris
- Bourgogne Pinot noir Côte d'Auxerre
- Bourgogne Pinot noir Epineuil Valnoirs
- Irancy Chérelle

The adventure goes on, new wines will show up
in the future.


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